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Three Key Questions to Transform Your Retention Strategy

Three Key Questions to Transform Your Retention Strategy

No industry has been spared from the impacts of The Great Resignation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nearly 20 million employees have left their jobs since April 2021. The Great Resignation has impacted managers and middle managers the most according to a recent Fortune article. Research conducted with 900,000 employees found that managers reported higher rates of burnout and exhaustion and are twice as likely to quit their jobs as individual contributors. 

Throughout the course of the Covid-19 Pandemic, managers have gained additional responsibilities that have created more stress and pressure while continuing to manage their existing workload. “The C-Suite puts the onus on managers to improve company culture, retention, and employee performance, while employees expect their manager to support, motivate, and value them.” This dual expectation squeezes managers to meet the needs of those above and below them with fewer opportunities for personal advancement and balance. 

While business leaders scramble to implement operational, financial, or human resource strategies to combat The Great Resignation, they should instead focus on the human experience of their employees. Business leaders should become laser focused on creating a workplace environment where their employees answer “Yes” to the following three questions: 

  1. Do I belong?
  2. Am I supported?
  3. Am I growing?

Companies can transform their company culture and create a stronger culture of belonging, support, and personal growth by launching and maintaining forums@work for their employees.

Our forums@work 12-Week Turnaround Artists program is a comprehensive guide for leaders and their teams to launch and facilitate confidential, peer-oriented forums. Our approach empowers forum members to improve their company culture and provides enduring guidance for communicating and engaging with one another in a more meaningful way.

Despite the onslaught of The Great Resignation, companies that have launched forums@work in 2021 reduced employee turnover by 32% in 12 months. Better yet, it won’t take 12 months to notice the impact of forums in your workplace, as most participants report positive outcomes within the first few weeks of launching their forum. 

Our participant feedback demonstrates that being a part of a forums@work delivers beyond improving retention and results in employees feeling gratitude towards their employers for empowering them with an opportunity to grow as an individual and expand their impact in the workplace. 

We want to hear from you! How are you addressing The Great Resignation at your workplace? How has your forum@work helped you engage and retain top performers? Let us know by joining the conversation on our LinkedIn page!

If you are interested in launching forums@work at your organization, please complete our contact form at to schedule your first free Forum meeting with a Certified Forum Moderator!