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Uncover The Best Kept Secret of the World's Leading Chief Executive Association: Peer Forums

Once an exclusive benefit offered to the world's leading Chief Executives and Presidents, Forums@work is bringing the power of peer Forum to all professional associations through our Forum for Communities solution. Check out the case study below to learn how the world's leading Chief Executive association, the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), has achieved a 98% […]
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Exploring The Role of Peer Groups in Beating Burnout and Supporting Mental Health

It should come as no surprise that burnout, feelings of disconnection and lack of belonging, and lack of professional growth opportunities can all hurt mental health and work performance. For years since the Covid-19 pandemic brought mental health and our need for connection into the spotlight, professional associations have been grappling with how to support […]
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Forum Reimagined: Leveraging Your Forum to Achieve Your Vision of Magnificence This Year

YPO Forums build trust and create safe spaces to go deep with personal connections. But what comes next once that’s established?  After a baseline of psychological safety is created, YPO Forum members have an untapped opportunity to leverage the deep connections they’ve established to help each other achieve vital business, personal, and family goals they […]
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CEO Stories: The Power of Forum for Remote Teams

Forums@work is proud to partner with Ogilvy Nicaragua, led by CEO Oscar Amador, to launch peer Forums to connect, inspire, and engage their remote teams. Oscar has led his leadership team through our Forum Launch Program, Turnaround Artists, and shared his feedback with us. As result of their Forum program, Oscar's team has transformed the […]
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The Great Reconnection: The Forums@Work Masterplan to Connect 1 Billion People

Message from Ahad Ghadimi I’ve spent over 10 years as a Turnaround CEO -  I’m the guy who willingly jumps into the cockpit of a crashing organization with the goal of avoiding impact with the fast-approaching ground. I have ended up in companies or industries I know very little about with barely a month of […]
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April Newsletter: Build a Better Retention Strategy

As organizations and business leaders launch initiatives to retain their employees through The Great Resignation, they are often doing so without understanding their organization’s risk of attrition (employees leaving) or setting a target to strive for. Think about it this way, no smart business leader would release a new product without a clear goal in mind […]
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Forum Facilitator Toolkit: The Stopwatch

Your forum meeting can be the most energizing hour of your work week. If your forum has fewer than 7 participants, you should be able to complete Top 5%/Bottom 5% updates, discussion topics, and opening and closing activities within one hour*. If your forum is often running long or down to the wire, try adding […]
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March Newsletter: Psychological Safety Will Unleash Your Team's Potential

This month we explore the concept of psychological safety and how you can use it to unleash your team's potential. Our forums@work methodology includes repeatable action steps that build enduring psychological safety, understanding, and trust between team members. Scroll down for tips to create psychological safety with your team members and review research from Harvard […]
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Managers Are Not Always Leaders

Take a moment and reflect on the great leaders you have encountered in your life. A great leader can transform your sense of self, skill sets, perspective, or a combination of all three and more. Chances are not everyone on your list of great leaders served in the role of a manager when you encountered them. […]
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How to Respond When Current Events Feel Like the Elephant in the Room

An old adage suggests you should “leave your emotions at the door” when you arrive at work everyday. This is not only detrimental to you and your organization, it prevents you and your team members from connecting with each other as human beings.  Current events like the war in Ukraine and ongoing challenges stemming from […]
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