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What if you could reduce employee turnover by 33% in the next 12 months?
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See how the power of peer-to-peer Forums at work have transformed team culture.

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The last team bonding experience you will ever need to do!

A team experience people will want to do

Someone has to say it: corporate training programs are often lame, boring and feel like work. After just one session, team members get hooked on Forums@Work and don’t want to stop.

Guaranteed to reduce employee turnover by 32% in the first 12 months

We achieve the three key elements that drive employee engagement: Psychological Safety, believing your co-workers care about you as a person and opportunities for growth.

Supporting the personal and professional growth of team members

The secret to happy employees? Personal and professional development. Our programs are applicable for all the different facets of life and create a feeling of constant growth and fulfillment.

Turning team members into culture leaders

Forums@Work empowers all participants to have an impact on culture by giving them the tools, a safe space and a structure to cause ripples through the organization.

Employees who are grateful to the company

Our participants report a massive amount of gratitude towards their employers for empowering them with an opportunity to not only grow but to impact their workplace culture

Unlike typical training & engagement programs

Forums@Work doesn’t feel like a training or engagement program. It’s simply co-workers and colleagues getting together to learn from and about each other in an authentic and relaxed way. That’s why it works.
Forum Magic

What is a Forum?

Used by tens of thousands of CEOs globally, P2P Learning Groups (also known as “Forums”) are carefully curated peer groups that meet regularly for shared learning and personal development.
EMPower Your Employees

Bring the power of forums to the workplace

No longer an exclusive perk for CEOs, forums@work has developed a framework and process map for companies to bring this valuable benefit to its employees.

Without fail teams come out vigorized and ready to take on any challenge!

How it works: Program Overview 

Each forum session, you and your team members read a chapter of the book turnaround artists. You will then debrief together and participate in activities that are engineered to transform.
Chapter 1

A Family Feud

For this first conversation, the team will get clarity on what great culture means to each of them and a vision of what they want to create together.
Why it matters?
Talking about our shared experiences of what an ideal culture looks like helps us realize that in large part, we want the same things.
Chapter 2:

All is not what it seems

Learn how to create a culture change movement.
Why it matters?
Everyone thinks culture change is hard and takes long. Here we break down the steps and commit to using the team as a ripple effect of change for the entire organization.
Chapter 3:

Gratitude Week

Get energized and feeling good by acknowledging all the great things that are already happening.
Why it matters?
Change takes energy, enthusiasm and positivity. This module helps us appreciate all that is going well as we embark on fixing the rest.
Chapter 4:

The Art of Listening

Level up your listening skills with the three zones of listening.
Why it matters?
Possibly the most humbling module, people learn that hearing and listening are two very different things. Get ready to tap into Jedi-style listening.
Chapter 5:

Defining Leadership

Define the style of leadership that works for you.
Why it matters?
This module engages you, the team and the organization on understanding what leadership means to you. Be prepared to be surprised as to what people will say.
Chapter 6:

How are you perceived?

A big dose of self-awareness.
Why it matters?
This module is a trust accelerator with your team members. This is a point of no return.
Chapter 7:

Setting Intentions

Pivot your impact on others with this tool.
Why it matters?
What if you could change the way people experience you by just stating a few words every morning? Yes, it's that easy.
Chapter 8:

Being and Doing

Release negative thoughts and emotions on command with this technique you'll use for the rest of your life.
Why it matters?
This chapter introduces you to a simple and powerful tool that will allow stress, anxiety and negativity to roll-off you in a matter of seconds.
Chapter 9:

Praising Others & Ourselves

A specialized approach to ensure praise lands.
Why it matters?
63% of employees who are recognized are very unlikely to look for a new job. This week, we learn to reinforce the instinct to give timely and specific praise.
Chapter 10:

Leading with Questions

Build coaching habit that helps others come up with their own solutions.
Why it matters?
A curious leader builds trust, inspires connection and develops deep engagement with their teams by leading with questions instead of solutions.
Chapter 11:

The Impostor Syndrome

Freedom from your inner critic.
Why it matters?
You know that voice that says you aren't good enough, smart enough, young/old enough? Good news: this session will help bid it farewell.
Chapter 12:


For this first conversation, the team will get clarity on what great culture means to each of them and a vision of what they want to create together.
Why it matters?
Understanding the difference between being and doing is the ultimate message in this book. Embracing an intentional way of being is what will make you an effortless turnaround artist wherever you go.

Our promise is simple.
Happier Employees. Guaranteed.

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Ahad Ghadimi

For over a decade I’ve led the turnaround of companies big and small, from the family-run business to private-equity backed international companies emerging out of bankruptcy and across many diverse industries. I’ve been successful in every situation because I’ve applied the fundamentals that lead to high trust, commitment and goodwill among co-workers and colleagues. The purpose of this platform is to empower team members with the specific tools and systems that help create the energy and fulfillment we all hope to experience in our careers. 

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