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February Newsletter: Boost Employee Engagement and Retention

Welcome to our February forums@work Newsletter! This month our Newsletter provides insights and tips to enhance how you engage with your employees to deliver maximum results. Recent developments like "The Great Resignation" and continued hybrid or work-from-home arrangements have challenged business leaders to reevaluate how they engage with and retain their employees. Check out our […]
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Three Key Questions to Transform Your Retention Strategy

No industry has been spared from the impacts of The Great Resignation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nearly 20 million employees have left their jobs since April 2021. The Great Resignation has impacted managers and middle managers the most according to a recent Fortune article. Research conducted with 900,000 employees found that managers […]
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YPOers Agree Work From Home is Here to Stay: Tips For Conducting Forum Virtually

It looks like work from home is here to stay for many of us. Nearly three quarters (74%) of business leaders surveyed in this year’s YPO Global Pulse survey believe flexible work arrangements will become more permanent throughout 2022. For many businesses this means more Zoom meetings, mismatched time zones, and mute button fumbles for […]
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January Newsletter: Updates and Insights from forums@work

Welcome to the forums@work newsletter!Looking back on 2021, we are proud to share that over 1,000 people across 16countries participated in Forums, we launched 8 new Forums programs, and 100% ofcompanies who started a Forum cascaded the program throughout their organization.In 2022 we are looking forward to engaging with Forums participants, releasing newForums programs, publishing […]
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How Peer Coaching Can Make Work Less Lonely (HBR Article)

When it comes to workplace engagement, belonging and tapping into the true human capital, creating a culture of peer-coaching is a silver bullet. In a one hour Forums@Work session, Forum members learn from and about one another - both strengthening relationships and becoming resources for one another. Enjoy this Harvard Business Review about Peer Coaching […]
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Ditch the 360 Feedback and do it face-to-face

If you were truly interested to know how you are perceived by your peers, why not just ask them? I know what you’re thinking: but people won’t tell me the truth… Perfect – you’ve already got your first crucial bit of insight. If this is the case, there’s work to do to make your peers/colleagues feel […]
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The Recruiting Litmus Test: Are your people recruiting their top talent connections?

They say birds of a feather flock together. This is true of our friends and especially professional peers who are often a reflection of us. Chances are, your top team members know other hardworking, talented people with a similar mindset as them. This is why having your team members endorse your company and recruit great […]
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Connection is not with the company, it’s with the people at the company.

When people talk about creating company engagement – what are they specifically referring to?  Is it with the physical office space? Maybe, if you are one of the tech companies that have invested heavily into campus wonderlands. Perhaps it’s with the brand and what the company does in the world. That’s definitely important and meaningful […]
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Three myths about employee-ownership

The notion of an employee-owned company brings up a lot of both excitement and confusion. Let’s fix that! By giving employees shares, they will automatically begin thinking like owners.  → Ownership is a mentality – it is learned and taught. Very few employees have it because they are not taught how to think and see […]
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The imaginary separation between work and home

Even before working from home became our new normal, the idea that there was a separation between our experience at work and at home was wishful thinking. While stoic managers may demand leaving work problems at work and home issues at the dining table, the reality is quite different. What this really means is: repress […]
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